1. Dear Number Six

    Oh sweetheart. Really? Her

    Excuse me while I channel my inner Kellie Pickler and say “Its too bad you’ve already had the best days of your life”. Because its true. You have. You were completely head over heels in love with me and now you have to settle for her. Sweetheart, you’re miserable. You don’t even want to be with her. But there is no possible way you’re getting me back, not after everything you have done. I honestly thought you of all people would keep your promise. But in the end you’re nothing but a teenage boy who’s upset because he was friend zoned. A really complicated friend zone, but lets face it, that’s what happened. Telling your friends that I slept with you will only make things worse once they find out that you were lying. And I promise they will. They will find out every last thing you did to me. I promise. 

    As for your friends. Can’t you tell them to grow up? Because they should really learn to. All my friends still treat you with nothing but kindness. Most of them even chose you over me. Friends I’ve known for over ten years easily took your side. So can’t you just tell them to quit? ALL your friends hate me, and they make no attempt to hide it. Why are you doing it anyways? You have nothing to win. I already lost everything. I lost my friends, I lost you (not that that’s really a loss). I have pretty much lost everything, and yet you still keep fighting. Why?

    I cared so much about you. I really did. I may have even loved you. And I also loved someone else. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. And yes, it is possible. And I already hate myself for it so you don’t really need to keep hating me for that. 

    Maybe I haven’t mourned at all, but that doesn’t mean i didn’t care. Because I did. And I still do.

    Oh yeah, you and her? I saw that coming a mile away. 

    Funny how its okay for you to date one of my closest friends, but you are still furious that I loved someone else, someone that you call a s.o.b. I wonder how much worse it would be if you knew that he was also one of your best friends, that you adore so much.

    ha. ha.

    With Regards, G.

  2. Dear selfish, cheap ex-lover…


    I deeply regret getting back in touch with you after 30 years. I had forgotten what a jerk you were and what extent you would go to to get revenge, even tho a billionaire industrialist and happily married with grown kids.

    Had I known that your dinner invitation after all those years was merely a setup so you could tell me what a loser I was and that my life was a failure, I would never have contacted you again, you silly little man.

    As if being on several corporate boards and having the financial freedom to do as you liked were not enough, nor even the courtesy to say you never got over it and that you couldn’t possibly bring yourself to be of any assistance… 

    But to have used the occasion to manipulate me just so you could tell me how worthless I was was really f*cked up.

    You definitely deserve the arranged marriage that you got. Your wife is right. No one else would have stayed with you, in particular because you could never have criticized your vicious sister’s remarks. It’s fitting you ended up stuck with the woman she selected for you. And it’s no surprise that you spent all those years thinking of me because you were never “in love.” 

    Even in love, you could never bring yourself to spend a few bucks on a date or a phone call or dinner out. I’m sure your trophy wife consoles herself with spending the loads of money that you have been able to provide, especially being from a socialite family.

    I’m glad it ended - just wished I’d recalled what a jerk you were.

    All the best,


  3. Anonymous asked: I was with this guy that asked me out in a after school program we went out for about a week then we broke up it took him at least 3 weeks to call me again or even say Hi now he always tellin me i love u and carin about me more an i still love him but idk how to tell him without soundin desprite can u help me amd write somethin i can say to him ???

    I apologize for the super late reply, I just recovered from my own personal problems just recently.

    In your situation, just tell him you still feel the same about him. At least it’s the truth. It’s not desperate unless you make it desperate by over-exaggerating everything. 

  4. Anonymous asked: She wants me to trust her but her life is a mess she's drinking cuz she can her words not mine. she's my gf across seas we message each other when we can sometimes hours will pas until we get a response we know distance is not our friend but we don't know if love is our biggest strength. I will drop everything for her I have nothing to lose but I'm older and I know that if I do drop everything it should b in a decent and professional way but I'm scared and idk what to do..

    I apologize for the super late reply, I just recovered from my own personal problems just recently.

    With your situation, I do believe you should talk to her first and show that you are there for her, especially with distance between you guys. What she needs right now is emotional support. 

    However, if you do plan on dropping everything for her, you should think thoroughly about it first. But if you do decide to, I agree, do it in a decent and professional way. And the only way to do it in a decent and professional way is by talking to your family and your friends and gain their support on your decision, not just disappear with no explanation. 

  5. Anonymous asked: Hello, my relationship ended 2 months ago cos he kinda cheated and wanted to break up. We are classmates but we don't really talk anymore. There was a night when we had a deep talk after the breakup and he hugged me crying and apologizing. He wants to reconcile but I'm now the one who refuses. I'm afraid of him and getting hurt again. I still love him like before but I know I can't be friends with him anymore. My mind tells me to move on but I wanna try being with him again. What can I do?

    I apologize for the super late reply, I just recovered from my own personal problems just recently. 

    However, based on your problem, I do suggest to move on first. This will help you try to figure out your mix feelings of wanting to be with him yet refusing to do so. Learn to trust again and once you feel like you are ready to love once again, either you try to find a new partner or you can go back to him. But just know, history may repeat itself.

    Remember: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

  6. Dear Emotional Suicide,

    You gave her the jacket.

    I remember when I got it for you. I had searched forever, wanting to get you the perfect gift for Christmas. Something that was not only perfect for you, but showed just how much I cared for you, how much I truly loved you. Then I found it, that simple grey jacket with the proud letters spelling out your pride and joy. Playing the trumpet made you so happy, and I thought for sure you would absolutely love it.

    How many times did you wear it? Once? And even then it was obvious it was only because you wanted me to stop asking. But I wouldn’t let it hurt me to bad. I hadn’t really ever seen you wear jackets; I simply believed you didn’t have one.

    And then today, there you two were. You in the letterman you have worn every day since you got it. And her. In the jacket I searched for, picked out, spent my money and my love on. Meant for you.

    No, this wasn’t jealousy, this wasn’t anger. It was hurt. Is nothing sacred? I don’t even know how to feel.

    Just the Girl Who Cared

  7. Dear you,

    What did you think was going to happen? I mean fucking really. You’d break up with me and I’d just sit here and wait for you to get better. That no one else would like me enough to want to date me. You broke my heart. How dare you think that you can just drop me and expect me to still be here whenever you want me. As much as you say you’re glad that I’m happy with him, we both know that’s not true. What would you prefer? That I wasn’t with him, that I was unhappy, that I was still heart-broken? You let me go. You lost your chance. So stop it. Let me be happy.

    I’ll be nice to you, and I’ll support you. But you can’t expect this from me. I’m only human. And I have other things to deal with. So please don’t do this to me. Please. You’re my best friend, and I care about you so much. But please don’t put me through this.

    I am so happy with him. And it is going so well. I’m sorry if it seems as though I am rubbing my “fantabulous” relationship in your face. I’m really trying not to. But you have to let me be happy. Please.

    I am begging you.


    Your best friend.

  8. Lost love

    We me while I was studying abroad in your home country of Australia. Falling in love with the country made falling for you easy. I never quite thought you felt the same about me, but just the fact you would spend your days with me was enough to keep me smiling. When I got home I was depressed and thought of you often, wishing to curl up into your arms again. Now it’s been a few months and I’m no longer so miserable. Instead thinking of you and looking at old pictures makes me smile. When I’m sad, these thoughts help restore my mood. I would give anything to one day see you again, and I resist the urge to message you daily. I know I’ve likely loved and lost you and I’m just glad I met you. But I can’t help but hope to one day get the word from you that you miss me and you want me. I wish I knew how to reach out to you in a way that wasn’t so dead end. The memories now make me happy, but the longing feels like it may never end.

  9. Dear Ex


    I’m not sure how to begin this, and I feel somewhat selfish sending you this letter so long after our breakup. I feel like I should just be an adult and get over it. I should be able to recognize when something is over and accept that and to accept that I can’t change it. If you were any other girl, I likely could accept it, but you’re not any other girl. You are Becky; Becks; BB; and, at one time, baby.  Regardless of what I call you, all those names are just ways to refer to the girl I love and I love you an immense amount. Over many months, I’ve come to realize this love is unconditional. When you get mad or ignore me, I don’t love you any less. Yes, it hurts and I don’t enjoy it, but my love for you stays strong. I cannot control my love for you. It’s also why I can’t give up on you. I could never give up on family because I love them unconditionally. I also can’t give up on someone I think about every day. I love you unconditionally Becky and I think about you each and every day.

    When we first met, I didn’t know what I wanted out of life. All I really knew is that I wanted a job that made a difference in peoples lives and provided a comfortable lifestyle for my future family. I knew I wanted kids and to find a woman that I was crazy about to share a life with. That’s really all I knew. So when you would ask me about the future and what type of wedding I saw myself having, etc.. I didn’t really know. I just described one I had been to that I thought was fun and nice, but I hadn’t ever really thought much about it. The only concrete thing about my future life I knew is that I wanted to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. I wanted this because I found it interesting, rewarding, knew I could make a difference, and I would be able to provide my family with the luxuries and experiences I wanted them to have. Through getting to know you, however, it became abundantly clear to me what I want in my life. I want to make you happy. I want to be the one to make you smile, to make you laugh. To hold you when you’re sad or you’ve had a bad day. I want to celebrate the good with you and support you during the bad. I want to make you grilled cheese/tomato soup when you’re sick. I want to give you a massage when your Sciatic nerve is acting up. I want to dance with you at country concerts. I want to go to Cass and fish with you and your dad. I want to see Ruth turn 91. I want to watch the Twins with you, your mom, and sister. I want to be part of the important times in your life and I want you to be part of mine. I want you to meet my family, my brother. I want you to have family dinner with them and have you beside me as we say a prayer before eating. I want to show you off to the world and tell everyone how amazing you are and how much I love you. I want to… the list is endless. I want to be in your life. I want you to be the most important person in my life. I know sometimes you would get annoyed when I would “do too much” for you. Like when I drove across town to bring you Advil at work, or when I made sure you were awake for class after a long night of studying and brought you Starbucks and a light breakfast. I never thought anything of it and, honestly, nothing made me happier than being able to do little things to make your day better. I want to be your rock. Someone you can lean on, someone that loves you to pieces, someone that would do anything in the world for you.

    I strongly believe we met for a reason and we ended up dating for a reason. I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship at the time, but you caught my eye and I knew I had to get to know the girl I met that night. We talked non-stop and ten days later, I was a nervous wreck picking you up at the Como Castle. I was so nervous; I completely spaced on how to get to Aster Cafe and ended up running a red going to Station 280. I remember that night fondly and thank god every day that I met you and that you’ve been a part of my life. As I got to know you, I fell deeply in love with you. You were everything I never knew I wanted in a relationship, in a partner. The way you talked about the kids you cared for. The way you talked about your family. The love you showed me. Each day I was with you, I fell farther. We may not have been together that long, but in that time, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to have you by my side through good and bad and to be by your side too. I strongly believe that I was meant to be and can be much more than a rebound to you and that the love we had was something special; a love that was cut too short. I think you may feel that to some extent too, but you may have been scared because at how quickly relationship was progressing. You had an old relationship you were comfortable with and knew you could go back to. Maybe you were afraid you wouldn’t like my family. Maybe you were afraid our families weren’t similar enough. Maybe you were afraid I’d move far away for residency and you didn’t want to move. Maybe you thought my residency decisions wouldn’t be a joint decision between us. I’m not really sure what you were thinking because you shut down and stopped communicating with me. What I do know, however, is that the love we had was real. The love we had was special. A love that is still in my heart. I believe you were scared of how much I loved you and the feelings you were having for me. I think that is part of the reason you couldn’t even tell me you were breaking up with me in person. Had we been able to communicate more effectively, I think things may have ended up differently. If any of those were concerns of yours, it is my fault for not putting your concerns at ease. I should have been clearer with my feelings and reassured you that any decisions I made would be a joint decision with you if we were together. Yes, I want to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon, but being with you was more important to me than that. Your thoughts and opinions matter immensely to me and I wouldn’t have applied to any place you wouldn’t have gone too. If that only left the two programs in this state for me to apply to, I would have happily done that.   I know family is important to you and it is extremely important to me. I can understand why you wouldn’t or couldn’t move. Luckily, I’m in the position that if I only applied to those two programs, I would, likely, still match. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I could have just worked as a dentist for a year and reapplied the following year. I would have happily done that and had zero regrets because determining if what we had was as special as I believed it to be, would have been the most important thing to me. I think you may have been scared that things were progressing as they were and that we didn’t have the same values or as much in common as you and “M”. I think this is mainly because you never had the opportunity to meet my family. From what I know about you, your family, and my family, our values and our families are very similar. Our parents grew up under similar circumstances and instilled the same good, core values in both of us, values that guide me every day. I know that family is important, faith is important, and most importantly, love is important. These things our families have in common. 

    If you were to ask me about what type of wedding I’d like to have now or what I saw for my future, I’d tell you the venue or type of wedding really doesn’t matter to me. I could see myself having a fancy wedding at a mansion or a country wedding in a barn. I’ve had family members that have had both and they are both beautiful. All that matters to me is that the woman by my side is happy and that I’m surrounded by family and friends. In my future, I see myself raising a family. I see myself and my wife raising kids together. I see us making mistakes, but ultimately I see us showing them what love is and raising them to be good people. My parents did this for me and if I can do even a fraction of the job they did, I know my kids will turn out all right. I can see many things. I can’t see them, though, without a person who’s captured my heart beside me. I can see any of those things changing too, but as long as I’m with the person I love and they are happy. I’ll be happy. I can see that special person being you. You’ve brought so much joy into my life; the night I met you was the best night of my life, and I feel so blessed that you came into my life. You made me a better man and make me want to be a better man every day. I know it is somewhat selfish to talk about our relationship when you’re in another relationship. But you have to understand that I only know you in that one context. I want to know you outside of that context as well. That is difficult, though, because we were a couple and because of how everything began, you aren’t comfortable talking to me anymore. I’m curious about you. Curious about what great things you’re doing. How your family is. What amazing, independent woman you’ve become since you left me. It is hard because we knew each other so well. We meant so much to each other. And now we only talk briefly or I reach out and don’t get a response. It is as though all the things we talked about and the loving, fun moments we had have evaporated and to me that seems like such a shame. I hope that sometimes you look back on the times we had and smile like I do and hope that you understand that I will always care for and love you even if you can’t return that love. This letter isn’t something rash or dramatic. I feel every word written with full conviction. Your name is written all over my heart and I love you like crazy.  I’m in love with you and always will be.



    P.S.  Please read this lyric and lock it away, but know deep down that if you ever feel this way, need someone to talk to, or need anything that I am here. I am here now and I will always be here for you. 

    “But if you ever get lonely

    And you miss me

    If you need someone to listen

    Even if it’s only

    The sound of someone’s voice who loves you

    That you need to hear

    You know where to find me

    If you ever get lonely”

  10. Dear Shaz H


    Sometimes the most subliminal of external stimuli; a sound, a smell, a look, , a taste, a touch; can trigger the most deepest of emotional responses. They could be painful, like hurt, confusion, defeat, and sadness, or they could be beautiful; like hope in the springtime, like warmth in the autumn leaves, like the contentment in winter, or like fun on the beach in the summer. 

    No matter what they are, they are met with an overwhelming feeling of……unburdening? Lightness? Freedom? Together with the feeling of being hit by a truck! Its that powerful. 

    But it is in those moments that you realize if it was worth it? Was it really worth it?
    And sometimes it is.
    And sometimes……its not.

    But either way, you embrace the time, the pain, the desperation. And you make it your own.

    And you begin to accept it. Love it.

    That is when you feel content….with yourself.

    That you did everything to the best of your abilities.

    And once you’ve embraced it.

    You can let go……

    Its like being a fish caught on a hook.

    You are caught so you struggle to let go, but

    The hook has already pierced through you 

    So it ALMOST makes you want to NOT even try anymore.


    And Sometimes you find the strength…

    To FIGHT.

    But this time….for yourself

    And so,

    Sometimes …..

    You, Yourself really ARE 

    The one that got away…….

    So this is to Me. Many Many Many Cheers to Me!!! 

    It was…….WORTH making the effort to let go. 

    Cheers to letting go.